CUAMS: Cambridge University Anime and Manga Society


CUAMS's library is the collection of anime DVDs, mostly either bought with the remaining society funds not expended annually on catering or check discs sent by British anime companies, that are available for loan to CUAMS members.

How to Loan DVDs from the Library

We're new to organising the library, so bear with us as we get this method up and running. We have not yet decided on loan periods, and will hope for now that borrowers will be sensible about it.

E-mail the committee, stating which DVD(s) you wish to borrow, and how you'd like to pick them up (at a meeting or elsewhere). Please do e-mail us, as this is how we intend to keep accurate records of who has what. You'll then either be able to pick it up as requested, or be informed when you can if it's already out somewhere else.

Other than a speedy return of the discs you borrow, the only thing we ask of you is to e-mail back your thoughts on what you've borrowed (score out of 10 and some brief thoughts is useful enough). This is entirely optional, but it helps us maintain a good relationship with the anime companies we're in contact with.

What to do if What You're Looking For isn't in the Library

The CUAMS library pales in comparison to the combined personal collections of its members. If you ask around at meetings for what you're looking for, chances are that someone has it, and will probably be nice enough to work something out with you.

You may also request that CUAMS buys what you have in mind for the library. Our budget is tight, so we won't be able to answer this very often, but we're more likely to be convinced if it's popular (multiple requests for it), and/or it's cheap somewhere. In particular we'll be more willing to purchase it if it's a DVD in a series that we have later volumes of.

Contents of the Library

(we'll try to keep this up to date, but enquire via e-mail or IRC for more recent acquisitions)



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