CUAMS: Cambridge University Anime and Manga Society


CUAMS is the Cambridge University Anime and Manga Society. It was founded over a decade ago as CUCAS (Cambridge University Comics and Animation Society) with the intention of promoting comics and animation in general throughout Cambridge. Nowadays we tend to focus on mainly Japanese animation, although it’s not unknown of us to show ‘western’ style animation.

We show anime twice a week: a main meeting on a weekday, and a second, smaller meeting on Sundays. Both meetings last about 3 hours, including breaks for drinks and snacks, and we tend to show episodes from three different series at each meeting — you can look at the pages for each meeting to see what we’re currently showing and how far through we are.

There are also occasional trips out to restaurants (mostly Dojo), the cinema, and the supposedly annual Garden Party1. Although we aim to at least mention everything through either e-mail or the schedule, most of the more informal events end up being organised through the IRC channel, which is recommended to anyone who wants to fully take part in the fun and games.

Membership costs £4 per term or £10 per year, which funds the weekly showings including the food and drink at the meetings. You also gain access to the growing society library. Membership is open to anyone, not just University students.

1 May or may not include actual garden. Or a party.